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Door Edge Guards


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September 16, 2007
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My 2013, bought used, came with short black door edge guards about 8" long. They are starting to slide down and leaving a bit of adhesive residue. I don't know if they are a Ford OEM item or if the prior owner added them.

Is there a recommended replacement? Is it a Ford item / part # ?

THANK YOU for any information.

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As far as I know and having read another thread, Door dings? @#^%$#@ they are not a Ford OEM product or accessory.


It's not standard on explorers and I'm not aware of a Ford accessory for door edge guards. I'm guessing it's an after market item.

Yeah aftermarket. They're around $4 (and up) a set of two at auto parts stores, or closer to $10 on Amazon for a roll of more than you need to do every door on a vehicle. There are narrow and wider versions for different door edge thicknesses.

I've seen some with a petroleum based double sided tape adhesive lining where the residue can be cleaned off with a petroleum solvent like gasoline, but others have a hot glue lining that can be a PITA to rub off (obviously easier if mildly heated).

I had metal ones on my '99, and I wish I could find something like them for the '13. I don't think they even had adhesive. They were spring steel and molded to the door edge. They were amazing.

Have to admit the Ex looks much cleaner without them on.