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Door handle problem.


July 10, 2011
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Keller, TX
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'97 XLT 4.0 SOHC
Hello all! Glad to be here. I just purchased a '97 Explorer XLT that has a driver door handle issue. It has power locks. The other day, my wife said she can't unlock the door. I pulled the door panel off and noticed the arm that attaches to the cylinder lock has popped off. I put that back together and button it up and then realize that the door handle doesn't work. I see that the link that attaches to the door handle and connects to the latch had slipped off. I slipped it back on but HOW does it stay attached to the latch mechanism?
I see it has a plastic tab that opens where it threads onto the rod that is connected to the door handle. The "nub" that fits into the latch mechanism has a square hole in it that looks like it need a clip in it to keep the nub from slipping out. I was able to feed a paper clip thru it as a temp fix but what do I need to make this repair permanent? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for having this great site up.

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any auto parts store should have the clip that you need

ford door lock rod clip autozone has this


I appreciate the info - this site rocks. I will definitely tell my friends!

To Frankyd

Called AutoZone, they have the parts, it's a kit of several connectors for $3.99. Excellent!

glad to help out :-)