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Door Handles


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May 10, 2008
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Orlando, Florida
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'93 Mazda Navajo
Wasn't sure if this should go in stock or modified.

The door handles on my Navajo are ripped off and hanging by one end. When going to the junkyard and looking at all the Exs i noticed ALL of them were ripped.

I'm going to assume this is a common thing and hope someone has thought of someway to prevent it.So that is my question, has anyone figured out a way to prevent this from happening, and if os what is it?

Also, where can i find replacements?


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If you have the tools and skills you can make replacements out of wood using the originals as patterns. I made replacements for my '91 out of Walnut.

tools yes skills no do you have pictures/

Unfortunately I don't have it anymore and don't have pictures. Someone on this board owns it now I can maybe get him to take some pictures. I'll have to get back to you on that.

thanks, did you just make a template out of wood and wrapped it with foam and the fake leather plastic stuff.

On the rears I used the original handles as a template and cut it out of wood. Then used a block plane to curve and shape the top of them. So they're just solid wood. On the back handles since you can lay your arm flat on them it's not really uncomfortable. On the front driver one I replaced, I cut the actual grab handle part out of wood using the original as a template. Then cut the handle part off of the original and attached the rest of the arm rest pad to the wood handle by stapling.

oh ok i got ya. i'll give it a whirl with the spare wood i have from building a catapult for a final.

Ok here's the pictures. Sorry it took so long. They don't look that great now. I didn't put a very good finish on them only a coat or two so it's all worn off now.


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