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Door hinge repaired today :)

russ hill

March 3, 2012
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Vancouver, Washington
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1994 explorer 4.0 pushrod
If you have found this by searching... Here's how I did mine.

First I read all the older posts, then I spent about 90 minutes trying to figure out which way to go. After that, it took about 15 minutes per hinge pin.

Do all the stuff everybody else has said to do as far as securing the door
After I removed the two 13mm bolts from the door side, I swiveled the hinge to the closed position so that I could see the pin.
The I cut the pin with my sawsall and a metal cutting blade (be sure to use a blade for cutting metal).
It took about 20 seconds to blow thru the pin and then it basically just fell out.
after that it took about 10 minutes to replace the pin and bolt the door hinge back on.
Works like new now!