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Door key lock doesn’t work


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March 16, 2013
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04 Ford Explorer 4.6l
so I removed the door panel to take a look. The key had no resistance when trying to lock/unlock.

Found the rod completely disengaged and the lock to rod piece off. I’m assuming there’s supposed to be a E-Clip style fastener here?

Anyone had this happen?




Yup, looked at NAPA online and it does use an E-Clip. Now to find the right size....


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I really just posted this because I hadn’t created a post in who-knows-how-long.

NAPA has the lock, and an assortment of E-Clips in stock. SER 1007 is the line / part number.





Good info...thanks!

This just happened to me. Did you have to replace the lock itself or just install a new eclip and connect the rod?

Just a new E-Clip

I just used a little jb quick weld and it's fine now

I’m in the middle of this. Removed door panel and peeled back the foam insulation. I see the hook and missing e clip. But how do you get to it? The door has tiny cutouts in the interior sheet metal. Your pictures look like bigger holes. Do I need to remove the lock from the outside?

Edit: never mind. Just attached the lever first through the holes, then attached the hook second.

Having this disconnected might be a nice security feature but if your battery goes dead or you lose all your remotes you're locked out, lol.

And that's why I truly hate that Ford deleted all other keyways. Nothing beats a good ol' brass key as a backup system.

And that's why I truly hate that Ford deleted all other keyways. Nothing beats a good ol' brass key as a backup system.

I haven't used a key in a door lock in at least 15 years if not longer.
3 vehicles now and not even sure they would even work.