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Door lock problems


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January 1, 2009
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Lancaster, Ca
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2000 XLS, 1991 XLT
I recently purchased a 2000 XLS and am having trouble with the door lock on the driver's door. When I turn the key the lock will not move. I pulled the door panel off today and notice that there is a plastic clip attached to inside of the lock. This moves the lock up and down. It seems that the rod attached to this plastic clip has snapped. The lower portion is hanging below it and the top portion is nowhere to be seen. Does anyone know how I can attach it or if I need to install a new one. This plastic clip is hard to get to. Thanx................

well if its snapped, you probably wont be able to reconnect so that it will last for any length of time.

just save the time of doing the job more then once and get new parts

I had the same problem. I had to replace the latch. There is a spring in the latch that is prob broken. I think I paid like $35 at ford for the latch. Took me about 1.5 hours. That rod is not broken. I believe that plastic piece is made to allow that rod to slip out as not to break the plastic piece. You can put that rod back on. If you notice the key will prob work fine when the door is open, however, when the door is closed the lock will not work. If you decide to do it the actuator is riveted to the door. Drill that out with a 1/4" bit and you can use a short bolt and nut to secure it. The actuator should be the last thing that gets secured. Also the window guide is held in by 1 bolt at the bottom of the door and the guide will slide down and out. Much more room in there when you remove that. Hope that helps. Ford can print you out a diagram of where all the rods go also.