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Door Lock Screwed Up?

So Sick

March 29, 2007
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Roanoke, VA
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98 2dr-99 TransAm-90 5.0
I went to unlock my doors with my remote and the driver door didnt unlock, so i tried it a few times and nothing, tried the key and nothing, tried the inside handle and it worked 1 time, then after it wont work at all either. What has happened and how can i get the door open to try and fix it?????
Please help, im 6'2 230 and climbing in the passenger door is getting LAME.

Most likely problem is a spring in the latching mechanism is broken... lots of posts. Some have replaced the spring with luck and effort while others have replaced the whole mechanism with "more or less" the same luck and effort. Most of the "effort" is because of the space (ie. tight) and the "luck" is getting the linkages back.