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door prox switch


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March 12, 2004
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1996 explorer
I have a 2004 sport trac. The window popped out of the track. By doing so, the prox switch broke that says the door is open. It is in a really tight spot and I was wondering if anyone knows how to work on this. The switch can be glued back on if I can get to it. The interior light and beeper go off intermittently because of this. I have everything off the inside of the door but it is still hard to see where the switch goes.

You'd about have to take the lock out to replace/repair it.

Edit: Guess ya don't have to remove the lock!


Here's one that's on a back door lock, fronts are similar.


thanks a lot! Those pics will help a lot. Now to just get at it. I assume the screw that holds it in is the ground lug screw?

Correct, from the instructions. I'd have to look at my spare lock to see.