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Door speakers


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January 2, 2003
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Fort Worth, TX
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'92 XLT
Im looking to install some new door speakers. Right now i have planet audio 4x7 componants in all my doors but looking for more sound. Is there a way to fit 6 1/2 componants in there? I want to do some kick panels with polk or MB's, and then 6 1/2's in all the doors with componants flush mounted above. Right now i have
PA 4x7 @ 60watt RMS Pioneer permier 4 channel amp
RE HC 15 @ 2497watts PA 2250D

Im looking to replace or add on another amp for the kick panels. Hopeing to push around 100watts per each speaker. Also, where are some good places to flush mount some 1" componants in my 92 X? Im looking for good image. SO in the end run im looking for Kick panels with 6 1/2's with componants, and then hopefully 6 1/2's in the doors and 6-10 1" tweets. Any ideas? Thanks

6.5s will fit easily using a mdf plate. Cut an oval just larger than the 6 x 8 opening, and cut the hole for the 6.5 in the middle. Install the plate, cover with dynamat-like material and mount the 6.5.

will a 6 3/4 work the same way? ALso, how thick should the MDF be?


Yea a 6 3/4 will fit.
Use 1/2" or 3/4" MDF