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Door stuck!!!!!!!!!!!


April 29, 2007
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96 Sport
Got a 97 X 5.0. Rear doors werent locking so i pulled door panel and found that the rod was off. I checked the clip and it appeared that some one unhooked it. I put it all back together, every thing was right with it. I changed lock knob to hard plastic instead of rubbery one because it was dragging and i figured that was why they took clip off. Anyway, now my rear door wont open. I finangled the door panel back off, thats a blast when the freakin door is shut, and unhooked the rod again, still no luck. Are the lock/latches known for sticking and not unlocking? I figure it has been in the unlock posistion for a while now. What do I need to do to get the door working?:scratch::shoot:

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The 98 I bought had the same problem. Hard time getting the panel off but once I did, I started to spray the lock mechanize will silicone spray. After 1 1/2 hours of pushing and pulling on the rod. Also using the power locks a couple of time. And respraying the lock from inside the door, it started to move, then open. After that I made sure the rest of the doors locks got a good spraying. Hope that helps.

i hear that contact cleaner or electrical spray is the best to use on the latches.

Thanks, I will go try it right now!!:notworthy

rear door lock / unlock problem

I have a 1998 exp with lots of actuator, latch, and lock problems. For the rear latch problem, instead of dealing with lubes or linkage/actuator replacement which might not solve the problem (the actuator was working) I just rigged up a manual operated, push-pull knob that exits the plastic door hosing up on top near the center-bottom of the window. the rod end bolts to an eye in the actuator / lock linkage and runs straight up thru a small drilled hole in the inner door housing. It acts just like a normal side door manual pushbutton lock.

OK here is what I know. The actuator works, the problem is in the latch. The rod coming down from the handle attaches to a plate. That plate needs upward tension from a spring, that is no longer there, to let the door unlock. I am gonna try to find it and fix it, if not I am going to try a spring around it to a hole in the inner door. Let yins know when I know

Ok its fixed, I had to take a carb return spring and wrap it around the latch release and door handle rod, the I poked a 1/8th inch hole above a door panel clip hole and put the other end of the spring through it. Of course I wasnt smart enough to take any pics, sorry!!