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Dorman thermostat housing for 1997 sohc


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April 11, 2006
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'97 Sport

I have a 1997 Ford Explorer v6 sohc 4wd that is leaking where the lower thermostat housing meets the block. I have ordered Dorman part # 902204 thermostat upper and lower housing and was waiting it to come in. I also noticed that coolant was also leaking where the temp sensor and sender were threaded in.

I was wondering if anyone knew on the dorman part if the sensors are threaded in or if it has the snap-in sensors?

I was looking on rockauto and found the screw in type sensors for the temp sensor and the temp sender. AIRTEX / WELLS Part # 5S1516 for the temp sensor and STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS Part # TS376 for the temp sender. If it is screw in, are these the correct ones I need, or does anyone have suggestions or alternate part numbers?


Sorry, I forgot to check my thread. It was as I thought threaded sensors. I replaced the 2 sensors and installed the complete thermostat housing. I then used my coolant pressure tester and everything held. So far after 2 weeks no leaks and everything is running great.

I was a little skeptical after reading some posts about the quality of the dorman housing, but it is very sturdy and has proved its effectiveness. I wanted to give thanks for the thread that linked to the complete thermostat housing removal and replacement.