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Double din dvd


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December 31, 2005
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I've been looking to install a double din dvd system, and looked on crutchfield to see what would fit. I was thinking anything that was double din would fit like the Kenwood DDX7017 but when I ran a vehicle search it said it would not fit. Why wouldn't it fit? I have a 4" opening. Is there any way to make something like this fit?

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Din dvd

According to the installer AI crossreference book you have a 1.5 din opening. You could go with a nice single din audio deck and a 1/2 din dvd deck. If you want a screen in the dash, there are a few options. You can have a 1/2 din 7 inch screen. A single din dvd player with 7 inch screen. Many options.


you can fit a double din radio in there with trimming a dull knife blade can do, very minor stuff,,
let me know if you want to see my set up.

If you could post your pictures, without linking them to an outside website, or emailing them to , that would be great! I'm currently looking into doing a DVD setup for my daughter when I get back into the states come March time frame.


I'd do the cutting and get the double DIN Excelon. They look niiiiice

I've got a Pioneer AVH-P6400 retractable in my Explorer GT but it's a 1 DIN slot