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Double-Din Headunit?


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August 20, 2000
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'00 XLT
Will a Double-Din Headunit fit in the factory location in a 2000 Explorer. I currently have the premium sound package and I hate the unit due to all of the buttons. I would like to upgrade and wondered if the Double-Din would fit without major modification?
If anyone knows and or has pictures, I would love to hear about it.

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I have a 1996 with a Pioneer Double-DIN headunit. Custom installed. It's a beauty. :)

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Not the greatest pic, the filler is more of a black color (matches a lot better than appears) and is nice and level (although it appears it isn't). It can be done.

The Pioneer equivalent of mine (a 1999 model Pioneer) is a Pioneer FH-P4400.

Hope this helps you.

I've got a Kenwood DPX-600 ( in my '96 XLT that I installed myself. The unit was expensive, but looks and sounds great. It only required a little modification to the black plastic peice that the stereo slides into, and I could still re-install the factory unit and have everything look factory. I used a Scosche mounting kit to mount the unit in the dash, and it looks like a professional install. Scosche is on the web (, but the double din install kit is not listed on the page, you'll have to call them and order it. Good luck, email me if I can answer any more specific questions.

yes!! the double din will fit in your explorer. they began the double din radio openings with the new body style in 1995. in my explorer i have 2 separate single dins. the install is very easy too. there are 2 screws just above the climate controls. remove them and then the entire panel pops right out, air vents and all. check to see if you have enough room, but bee carful becuase the wires for the ligter, rear wiper, fog lamp, and 4wd swithed will be the only thing keeping the current radio from falling in your lap. good luck, any questions e-mail me.

Thanks for your help guys. Does anyone know the option availble in the Double Din receiver. I know JVC and Poineer make one. Any others that you guys know of or recommend?

Alpine makes a 1 1/2 din, so does pioneer. ive used 1 1/2 din Pioneer with a 1/2 din EQ. its a matter of what options you feel you need in your head unit. ask yourself what you plan to do with your system exactly. are you looking to eventually add DVD or some type of video or do you just want strictly audio. there is no limit when it comes to this stuff, its all a matter of what you want to spend and how far you wish to take it. figure you what you plan to do, then shop around for whats best for you. recommended brands? in the past ive been extramly happy with Pioneer, Eclipse, and alpine. ive used a few JVC's, Clarions and Kenwoods and find that now with all those moving parts that they tend to break. (i dont abuse my car, just the stereo)

Just my opinion.