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Double-Din in a first gen!?


I'll have another...
March 1, 2009
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Monroe, MI
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2006 XLT
This guy managed somehow to get this Pioneer double din deck into a first looks like complete crap, but im curious as to how he did it....

Ive never seen a first gen with a double din, id love to have been able to mount my kenwood in my 92 when I had it lol (when it was my DD) (Click for the pics)

There's plenty of room to hack the trip top and bottom and make it fit, the big issue would be cutting up the stock support and relocating it lower so the double DIN is in there securely. Not really a big deal in terms of custom car audio though.

Not sure why you'd do it though, a single DIN with a fold-out screen looks trick, hides the screen for security/stealth, and all the high end receivers are single DIN.

Not a bad deal for a rust bucket from up north, they are good trucks once you get all the body issues taken care of. Would be a decent winter beater if everything works and you seal up all the holes. I'd probably pass on the radio for the extra $200 and just get a replacement dash trim piece and throw in something cheap.

The ranger grille makes it look funny.

Yea I wondered what the hell was different about the grill, I knew it didnt look right.

But yea it doesnt look too bad, but I need a 4 door haha.
Im looking at rangers for a nice little winter truck