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Double din installation...


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April 16, 2002
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Nothern Virginia
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2002 Sport
Who has installed a double din???

...what issues did you find during installation?

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I have a double din, you have to find the ford double din kit, take off the black a/c vent/ controls panel and dremel the 4 sides until you can slide your double din and kit in took me a while (couple of hours) to dremel the plastic...but was well worth it afterwards

The only part i had to shave was the little lip on the top and bottom. Took a little over an hour, but you still need the DD kit.

Try using the search function. You'll see a lot of threads on this subject.

This was discussed again recently in this thread

I posted a few pics of my double DIN installation that might help you understand what you'll need to do.

You'll also find a couple pics of an Alpine W200 installed in there too.

Good luck...

I installed my W200 in my 04 fairly easily. I couldn't find a kit anywhere, so I made my own trim ring out of ABS. There was no kit needed beyond that because the sleeve provided by Alpine was a perfectly snug fit.

I'd reccommend the Alpine :)