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double honk disable/enable with FORscan

It can be disabled with FORScan.

BCM 726-41-02 x..* xxxx xxzz, change * to 0 (off). 1 is the default (on).

Yeah, that would be annoying! My 2013 just says "No keyfob detected" on the dash, I guess I don't get that "feature". I get out of the car every day to get the mail on the way home.
Easy solution. When I get out to get the mail, i just don't fully close the door. That feature has saved me a couple times from walking away from a running vehicle. I hit the Start/Stop button and got and closed the door not realizing the engine did not shut off.


Hey guys anyone know how to possible disable the double honk when you get out of the vehicle with the key fob in your pocket with the vehicle still running? Mine honks quick twice and I get out of the vehicle while its running with keyfob in my pocket often. Its annoying too when I pull up to businesses and get out.

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