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Downshifting Problem


June 3, 2003
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Orange County, CA
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99 Sport
Hey guys,

Have a strange issue with my '99 sport sohc... The tranny is usually fine, never noticed any real shifting issues or anything. I have never driven another explorer, so maybe this is just the way they drive, but when trying to accelerate my tranny never downshifts unless I go WOT...

I can be driving along at 40 mph, somewhere a little under 2k rpms, and if I press on the gas it never downshifts once until it's floored and then it downshifts more than one gear. At half throttle (or somewhere thereabout) shouldn't it downshift a gear? I don't think I should have to go WOT just for it to downshift?

Sorry for the poor wording, it's friday and my brain hurts :p

No, that's how the transmission is set up I believe. It will not downshift until you press the pedal down all of the way. What you can do is quickly let off the pedal all the way and press it in again. It won't downshift, but it will unlock the torque converter if you need quick power.