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Dreaming of one mean 4.0: The Build up - Creager's 1992 Sport

If it is a NEW slave, then YES it would need to be bled.

If you are re-using your old slave, then NO.


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yea, i had my heads redone about three years ago when the gaskets blew. Sounds complicated enough though. but ill try it, thnaks man!

So, everything is like 95% done! I don’t have the exhaust Y-pipe in (no O2!), nor the front driveshaft, or the air-conditioning, but everything else is in! Only two problems: bleeding that damn clutch (!) and the fact the starter isnt turning the motor over!

I got fuel at the rail (bled out some 89, but I got two bottles of 104 octane booster and 5 gallons of 93 in there), I cant really tell if I have spark yet, but I know I got plenty of power coming out of the battery and its getting to the starter.

I can hear all the relays click but nothing, not the faintest indication the starter is turning. It kind of sounds like the starter is trying to push the flywheel, like if the flywheel is too stiff for the starter. There are three distinct clicks: relay, relay, starter tooth hitting flywheel tooth? I only remember two (?) and im guessing the third would be when the starter is trying to turn.

The motor turns over smooth by hand, takes like 25ftlbs but it has no tight spots. I tried hooking up the battery charger directly to the starter, but it didn’t quite work. We had the battery charger on ‘start’ mode (300 amps?). On top of that we had the jumper cables hooked up from another battery, but all in all the battery in the truck was fine, gauge read right in the middle when I turned the ignition to ON. The headlights wouldn’t dim when I tried to start.

The CEL comes on when I turn the ignition on, so I know the computer is on. The only thing I don’t have plugged into the wiring harness is the 02 sensor, I don’t have the Y-pipe on there. I know I have ran this truck without a 02 sensor before, all it did was trip the CEL. Hrmm...

If the clutch was bled I could roll out the garage and pop it =) I’m kind of scared to do that though for the sake that it’s all brand new!! How much force can those starters usually turn?

Is there something that needs to be in check that i dont realize? Like does the crankshaft position sensor need to be perfectly lined up with TDC? or 60 degrees from TDC? something along those lines? There really aint much too it. Crank sensor, IAC, intake temp, TPS, Fuel injectors, Coil pack, spark plug wires, plugs, and the O2 sensor. I left the crank at TDC when i put it in the truck, there is a notch on the harmonic balancer 60 degrees from TDC (BDC i believe).

Promised pictures will be later! haha, I’ve taken a few I just keep forgetting to get them off the camera.

EDIT: check this picture out, a simple flow chart, but it makes me think... (explorerDMB, yr the **** for this)

At first glance you would be like... what? OK? Look under where it says, 'just clicks.' Ground to the block? Ahhh!! i painted the block! There is one spot where the starter cable gets bolted down onto the side of the block, above the oil filter. Im wondering if it grounds there?

But now that i think about it, i think the click the flow chart is describing is the kind of clicking you get when try to start the boat after its been sitting all winter. The machine-gun type of 'clic-clic-clic-clic'. When the battery is about dead. My stuff makes three distinct clicks and stops.

Edit 7-11: so Yes, after furthur investigation the starter does ground at the block, but cleaning this area for a more solid ground had no effect. I finally took the starter off and had it tested... turns out its locked up internally. I did try tapping on it with a hammer, but under further reaserch i learned this is actually bad! I got a new (Reman'd) starter from advanced last night, once I get off work we'll see what happeneds!

You can tap a starter gently, some you have to be more careful with than others. The problem is that you can break/dislodge the magnets in the case.

I figured out the problem, positive terminal was toast. I replaced it with a cheap one... for now!

VROOM! It fired right up after that! This thing is NASTY! I need to get a sound byte of this. A Beefed up 4.0 with just headers sounds totally awesome, and rediculously loud. Not annyoing loud like a rice-cadet, more like a harley loud.... yyyaah. Its deafening in the garage.

To teast you a little bit, here is a pic taken right after the oilpan was buttoned up.


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Those lifters are a pain to keep clean, not because of north carolina has tons of organic crap flying around, but because moly from the cam lobes likes to spread its love, all over the lifter bodies. Once it gets on the body, it acts as an adhesive to the lifter. You can see this when the lifter is supposed to 'fall,' if moly is in there it simply wont. I believe the moly would put excessive wear on the lifter.

In the second pic i got the head surfaces cleaned up and ready to be bolted on.


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Pic one was shows the deck surface ready for the headgasket, towel-clean with laquor-thinner.

Pic two shows the headgasket pre-seated and ready for torquage.

Pic three is the heads placed on, finger tight.


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Here it is!

And ill repeat! its mean!

The blue couplers and the current air filter are temporary. I just boils down to when i get around to measuring and ordering red replacements for that stuff.

I'm definatly going to go through and try and run the stuff on the driverside of the engine comparment a little more clean. As everything is now, its all in a good enough spot where its not stretching or touching anything it shouldnt, but i can probably make it look a lil bit more factory.

I also have a replacement fan, but the fan-clutch i bought was such a peice of junk. I had it on the water pump originally, but the fan would hit the radiator hose and was rubbing one of the pulleys, so i ripped that sucker and put the factory one on there. Ill probably put the new fan on the factory clutch, the clutch works fine as of right now.


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... and what most people are going to see of it when i pass their ass


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that looks awesome. we just need sound clips now that you have teased us about how mean it sounds. :D

jtsmith said:
I got to hear this
shaft rockers= awsome stability, are those adjustable?

From what i understand, the rockerarms cant be adjusted. In the near future, i may be investing in some rocker spacers (to replace the springs) which should free up some extra high-end.

snocross1985 said:
that looks awesome. we just need sound clips now that you have teased us about how mean it sounds
Yr damn right i do. I dont wanna hype it up, but this thing sounds MEAN! I started it up around 9:30 pm, mom and dad come running out the house, 'SHUT IT OFF!! ITS TOO LOUD!' hahaha, no congrats 'you built an engine' or anything! Nah, actually they were very proud, although mom had a scared look on her face. That kind of look where it looks like she's thinking, 'oh no, what did he do to it!?'

I've ran it a good bit today, no major issues as of yet! I've tried to keep it steady between 2-3k rpms for a few minutes at a time, but is BEGGING me to rev it higher, haha. I just love the sound of it when it drops from 2k rpms to idle, blup- blup- blup- blup- that cam is awesome

I had a minor oil leak on the passengerside valve cover, simply tightning down the corresponding bolt fixed that. I just gotta get my clutch bled so i can really take it out and run it. Bleeding that clutch has proven to be such a major pain in the ass, i may have it towed to a transmission shop somewhere, if i can find the right price. But as of right now, i think im going to try and fight it again tonight and tomorrow. If I'm still left with nothing, ill get it towed somewhere =(

All thats left to do is a few nick nacks! Sound clip as soon as i can figure out how to make one! Then... dyno? We'll see!

Dyno, dyno, dyno! :cool: Just record a vid w/ a digi cam, upload to comp, upload to EF uploader. P.S. I still haven't had a chance to mess with my clutch either. Think I totalled the 'Noma tonight though(thankfully not my fault), so I pretty much have to try to bleed it tomorrow.

Rev that beast dude! You gotta get those rings seated anyway....I've seen people break in a new motor on the dyno too, so RPMs won't hurt it as long as you're reasonable. Besides, I want you to see how much it pulls PAST 3000 :D

Nice job and congrats by the way!

BMX dude, thankfully you are all right, somebody's gotta show me how to bleed the clutch! haha jk man, hope everything turns out alright for ya. Im definatly getting this sucker on a dyno'd. Do you think they will mind me not having an exhaust? hehe

Hahahah, hell yah maximium, its been like the freaking launch of the space shuttle over here. When i first heard that loud VROOOM, i started shaking, haha

The video/sound clip is here! Its 4.5 megs, so i just gotta figure out how to get it up here and ill post it. The sound quality isnt nearly as nice as i would like it, but i'm sure you guys will get the idea.

Geocities is lame and doesnt like me linking the file direclty to you guys, so you have to click this link, then follow the link on the page. Hopefully that will do it! http://www.geocities.com/curly_bone85/index.htm

OMG, that thing sounds sooooooooo good....i wanna hear it after you got pipes on there though.....but youre right, it does sound MEAN.....

good job and congradulations

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can anyone re-post that file here on EF? It has 'reached it's transfer limit'...