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Drive shaft yoke bolts


February 27, 2006
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Northern, Ohio
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'94 XL 4.0L 4X4 4DR.
Set out to change my U-Joints in my rear driveshaft this afternoon. Trouble was, I couldn't get the bolts out of either the front or back yoke. I used a 13mm socket that fit the head of the bolts, but they just rounded off when I tried to get then off. So I changed the U-Joints in place, it was an experience, but they are done. Now, can I get those bolts somewhere? I'll get the old ones off one way or another, just can't stand having a rounded bolt head.

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Can't tell you where you can get the bolts, but I do know that it takes a 12mm 12 point socket to take those bolts out.

Yeah you need to use a 12-point box-end wrench or a 12-point socket - 12 millimeter

As for the source, you can either go to the dealer or try Ebay or something.

Item #270166275836:


Rangerx and IZwack, thanks for the reply. I didn't try the 12mm because the 13 fit so well, my bad. IZwack, thanks for the link, I'll give them a try, they are inexpensive and if they aren't the right size, no biggie, I'll goto the dealer. Those sucks are really really tight, hope the 12mm will get them off.

If yours have never been off before, you'll have to break throught the loctite.

If yours have never been off before, you'll have to break throught the loctite.
True -- forget about the 12mm wrench I told you about :D, that's not going to work. Go with the 12mm socket.

Spray them first with a penetrant, and let it seep in for a short while. Those are very strong grade 8 bolts, they should still come off with the correct socket. Good luck,

Thanks again for the replies, I plan to use some heat to break down the loctite, then spray some deepcreep in there. Big ole brakerbar should get me started. I only rounded two bolt heads before stopping, one front and one back. Decided I could get the joints changed and worry about the bolts later when I do the front shaft. Any tips there?

Yup...I figured that out there's permanent loctite (red) on there the hard way too! You'll need to heat them to breakdown the loctite, then they should spin out okay. Just be sure to use loctite (I used blue to as to be able to get them out next time by hand) when you put them back in.

Those should have red loctite used on them, the trick is to only use one drop, or two drops at the most.

1/2 inch 12 point 12mm Socket & a breaker bar makes quick work of them.

I'd suggest going to a junk yard & find any 8.8 rear end car/truck with the driveshaft still attached & bring those tools & take the bolts