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Drive to Neutral shift


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October 29, 2009
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Bay Area, CA
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2000 EB
Is there a physical or electronic connection that shifts between Drive and Neutral?

Wondering if there is anyway to push button the shift between Drive and Neutral as i like to shift into Neutral down hills or up to stop lights.

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can you shift from drive to neutral while driving?

It is part physical (when you move the shift lever, it moves the lever on the DTR sensor on the trans + it moves a link inside the trans) and part electronic (the DTR signal is read by the PCM and the appropriate solenoids are turned on or off).

I don't think it would be simple to add an electric switch to engage N.

That would be a cool idea, as I do the same thing when approching red lights, or down hill roads. But like dog said, I believe its both mechanical and electric.

Just don't get caught, shifting into neutral is illegal.