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Driven Plate for Explorer


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October 31, 1999
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'96 & '98 XLT V8, '00 XLS
Back in the early days of 4WD before they had lockout hubs, there was just a plate to permanently attach the axleshaft to the hub. It was called a driven plate. I was thinking a set of these would be great for an explorer to supplement the weak auto hubs. The idea would be that the night before I went out 4-wheeling, I would change out the auto hubs for a set of driven plates. That way, I could mud bog or rock crawl or whatever I wanted without worrying about breaking an expensive auto hub. When done, put the auto hubs back on and enjoy all the benefits of them. Any machinists out there who could make a driven plate out of a broken auto hub?

Oliver Harris
'94 Explorer XLT, 5 sp, 4x4

Well here you have two options, you can get the Warn pretty strong quality manual lockout hubs and change to them where right before you shift into 4wd you get out and turn the lock or you can use these when you go wheelin and use autos on the highway which entails changing wheel bearing locknut assemblies each time. the warn hub lockouts are the way to go though, they will do what you want and all you need to do the night before is take off your street tires and put on the monster meats.