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Driver door unlocks from inside, but not with key or remote


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April 26, 2022
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2001 Explorer XLT
This has been aggravating me all day. Driver door will lock with remote, but will not unlock except by manually pulling the handle from inside. Took off the door cover and looked inside, seems to be that the clip connecting the key lock to whatever it does keeps popping out, and the door lock indicator is not moving nearly as much as it should be. It makes noise and slightly shifts when i use the remote, but won't actually unlock the door. First picture the white clip is disconnected, second picture I connected it and it disconnects when i try to unlock it with the key, and doesn't stay connected unless i push the thicker bar next to it up literally like a quarter of an inch. I'm so confused, I don't even know what the real problem is here.

16510155930707293076809417118989.jpg 16510156499433846229796377556364.jpg

Hard to tell by your pics, but I believe that white clip that holds the linkage to the door key lock is broken allowing the linkage to disconnect. Here's a tip when replacing'll notice upon removal of key lock that there is a small "C" clip that holds it onto the lock. Do not reinstall that "C" clip and new white clip until key lock is set in place, linkage installed on new clip and then clip installed onto the key lock. This is necessary because the bend in the linkage will not allow installation to new clip once it is installed on key lock. Reason you can install the linkage now is that the old clip is broken and doesn't hold the linkage properly; allowing it to pop on/off.