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Driver seat


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August 26, 2012
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panama city florida
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2005 sport trac
My seats are powr seats. The driver seat has stoped going up.
I am a short person and need the seat up more. The seat goes back,
but not up all th way. Any help?:us::us::us:

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Check to make sure nothing is blocking the seat from moving forward. Sometimes things can get forgotten under there. My 1st aid kit once got hung up on my seat. Also there could be something in the tracks.

I hope it's that simple. Maybe you could try greasing or oiling the moving parts if it doesn't??? I'm not too sure what else would cause that.

Mine was having a similar problem, the motor would run into resistance at a certain point. I removed the seat for a different job and found a piece of metal underneath had bent out of shape. I tried straightening out which helped only somewhat.