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Driver Side door and interior lights


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March 25, 2009
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Clearwater, Florida
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06 Eddie Bauer
I recently just purchased a 2006 Eddie Bauer v6 explorer. I noticed tonight that when I unlock the doors and get it, if I start the truck with my driver side door open, the interior lights go off even while the door is open. Now if any other door is open, the light stays on. If I close the driver side door and then open it, it stays on. All other interior light features seem to work correctly.

Does anyone know what is going on? I would like to be able to turn my car on without having the interior lights going out while the door is open.

A little help is greatly appreciated!

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Any help?

Is there an interior dome light setting or something I am missing that woudl cause the interior lights to go off when turned on but with a door open? If I close and reopen the door, it works like normal.

or is this the way it should be? Can someone check and let me know if it does it on theirs?

my 2010 does the same thing. I'll look in the manual to see if I see anything

my manual said that will illuminated entry, the dome light will turn off when the vehicle is turned on, or 25 seconds after the doors are closed.
I figured having a door open would override that and keep the dome light on. If I close the door and reopen it, the lights stay on.
It's pretty damn annoying! LOL

Too many things now are controlled by the "Smart Junction Box", and that's one of them. Many of its default settings could probably be reprogrammed, but that's out of our hands.

Ornery, does yours do that as well?

I don't get to drive our truck. Wife has it all day everyday and weekends. I'll play with it tonight when she gets home from work. Hopefully before she takes off for shopping...

Thanks Ornery! I appreciate the help! I am curious to see what you find.

Yep Mr E., yours is performing normally. I opened the driver door, dome light comes on. Start with door open, light goes off. Open driver door, light comes on and stays on. Close door, it goes off, open passenger door, it comes on and stays on. Start truck with passenger door open, and it stays on.

It's the default function of the "Smart Junction Box". Your local dealer may be able to dive into it and screw around with those settings, but I doubt they would want to take the chance of screwing something else up. It would probably cost an hour labor to boot.

I asked this question back in 2006. My eddie bauer does that and it annoys the hell out of me. I did some research and determined that EARLY production 2006 explorers did not do this. I believe the cutoff was november 05 manufacture, so the oldest 2006's dont do this. My dealer spent about 20 minutes with me searching for any kind of reprogram after i showed him a nov 05 truck that did not do this, but didnt find anything. If you find the solution, please share it

Thanks guys! I figured it was normal. I never paid much attention to it before. I had another 06 eddie bauer and can't recall. It's very annoying but I guess it something I will have to deal with. Oh well, I am sure I will get used to it.
If anyone finds a solutions, please share.