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July 14, 2010
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Fargo, ND
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97 Mercury Mountaineer V8
Ok, I've read a few of these before and a few of the how to guides ect.
But it's a huge cluster of problems resulting from the drivers side door.

At first (it must have seized) the drivers side key didnt turn really or you had to force it really hard, i'm assuming because of the use of the keyless entry usage. Well the keyless entry didnt pop the lock up all the way on the driver door so I stuck the key in to unlock it and started to try and force the key to unlock it. I do so by turning the key and hitting the unlock button at the same time and it seems to do the trick. But all of a sudden the key just goes loose in the key hole and i can open all the doors by turning the key twice but it refuses to unlock my door, and when i hit the lock button inside the car it refuses to lock my door. The keyless entry button and keypad work to unlock it but sometimes it doesnt lock only my car door...

So infurating, So I was wondering if anyone has a clue on what to do when i get the car door apart and if it's fixable. I can unlock all the doors except for mine with the key, and lock all the doors but mine with the key. The keyless entry fob and pad work for the most part but all i can think is my car is possibly screwed. Also, if i try to push down on the lock it wont physically go down and I dont want it to get stuck down, so I'm having to park in the garage all the time.

Thanks for the help guys&gals.
Mountaineer 97


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January 1, 2012
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Take the door panel off, and lube everything that moves. . It would have been far better to try to fix the problem, than trying to force tbe issue. Now you probably have more to fix.