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Driver Side Sag?


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April 12, 2002
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Northern Virginia
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'93 XL
I just did my AAL last week and I can already see a sag on the driver's side. Now, I have always had sag on that side from the weight of myself plus the idiotic design of putting the gas tank on the driver's side as well. But, I think the AAL only compounded this sag. I took a few measurements yesterday and found that the drivers side (corner of bumper and wheel wells) is exactly 1 inch lower than the pass when parked on a level surface with no forces, i.e. people, on the vehicle. Any way to fix this?

Hokie - you still got that extra AAL too?

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I have a 98 Sport and have noticed that long time ago... I guess it's because of that gas tank.... 130-140 pounds of extra weight on full tank... plus the weight of a driver... could it be fixed? don't really know as I never really paid that much attention to the problem.

swap your passenger and driver side springs.

Yeah, i got it.. but its a big bruiser.. if you put this on, your drivers side would prolly be sitting an inch higher. It also doesn't have spring pads, nor a center pin. Just a thick A$$ leaf.

I was thinking shackles might help the problem, but it could also compound it and make the springs flatten out. I was thinking swapping my springs is the only way to change it too...

How thick is it brett? Maybe two AAL's would be nice :)

2 AAL's were too much for me. The truck rode, well, a little too much like a 1 ton sprung truck. haha, I barely even flexed the springs at all during normal driving. The AAL's I had were made for a 2.5" lift.

I don't know how thick it is b/c i'm in Ohio and its in VA. Its a thick mother though. It basically supported the entire leaf pack, b/c this bad boy barely flexed.

Here's a pic.. its the last one before the overload spring. This pic doesn't do justice. When I put the springs on the truck, this thing barely flexed and there would be a gap between it and the rest of the leaves... hehe