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driver side window loose


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June 27, 2007
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ottawa ontario
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01 xls
Hello, i got a 2001 explorer xls and the driver side window wont seat properly in the seals, the rear part of the window has a slight gap. now with the window down a bit if i grab the window i can rock it forward and back about 1/4 to 1/2 a inch. Is this normal? i also took the interior panel off and rocked the window and saw the plastic guides in the regulator rail move, are they worn? does this all mean i need to replace the regulator assembly. If i do are just the regulator assemblys available and i swap the electric motors? i saw on ebay lots of regualtors but the detailed descriptions in the listings doent help much. any elp would be great,i cant get a car wash and the whistling noise is driving me nuts!

you should have some movement but nothing accesive like yours. Normaly it is the window guide not the regulator that causes loose windows. check the guide( what the window slides in. It should have a seal the full length both front and rear.