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driver's door lock acuator no worky


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July 22, 2003
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Quebec, Canada
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'03 Limited Ex silver
hi everyone, happy New Year!

I just bought a 2003 v8 Explorer limited with advancetrac (man quite a difference with my 94 2 door!!) turns out everything worked fine for the last 5 days and now the driver's door actuator won't lock my drivers door. kinda sucks since I have to manually lock the door. All other doors work fine and the driver's side door lock switch seems to be ok (keyless pad as well) as they will unlock and lock every other door. I'm gonna give a call to my used car dealer to see if they can do something about it (pretty big security issue) But if that fails, what can I do to fix it, I've read something about cut wires and stuff but don't know how to proceed....

Thanks a lot