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Drivers door lock


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February 10, 2010
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Oak Creek, WI
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'97 XLT
So I have a 1997 explorer XLT and lately when i hit the lock button every door locks but the fron drivers door. Also, sometimes it stays locked and can only be opened from the inside. What do you guys think the problem is, how would i fix it, and how expensive would it be to fix.

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not positive but sounds like the spring is broke or fell off

Also suspect the lock actuator. I avoided replacing mine.


Mine was doing the exact same thing, but it had been sitting on the farm unlocked for a few years. I got it working with spray lubricant...first, with it unlocked, I backed the manual locking "grip" (the one by the window glass) off several turns, so that I could pull it up and down a bit. I then sprayed a good bit of lube in there, working it up and down. I also sprayed the keyhole & the latch mechanism. Then I started operating the power lock, and sprayed a bit more. It has been working fine for several months now. I am not trying to discount any replies re: the actuator, because I have heard those are prone to problems, I am simply relating my own experience, which is limited to one door. YMMV

door latch is probably broken and the door lock actuator goes bad. I replaced a couple hundred over the years.