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Drivers Door Unlock -- Fixed


December 10, 2010
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Wichita, KS
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1999 XLT

I worked on my '99 XLT this weekend to fix a few nagging things, including the drivers door unlock. It hasn't worked in over a year and it finally got my attention. Pulled the door panel to check the switch, it was okay. Checked the Drivers Door Unlock Relay in the jack compartment in the rear and it was fine ( I swapped it out with two other identical relays in the same box ). Next was to check the drivers door plug, unscrewed it and it appeared to have some oily dirt in it so I cleaned both the plug and receptacle with electrical contact cleaner and reassembled -- still not working. My gut was telling me either I had a broken wire or a splice had come undone somewhere. So I started with the wire coming from the switch and it was good up to the plub. Next I peeled back the rubber wire boot from the receptacle and started following the wire ( pink with a green stripe ) and followed it for all of three inches !! It was broken cleanly there. So I fished out the other end and made a splice ( using Christmas light wire believe it or not ) and a couple of small wirenuts and electrical tape. It has a little extra length so hopefully it will give and not come undone over time. After reconnecting the battery the switch started working immediately!! I hate broken wires...............

Couple of other items..... my rear lift gate would only open on the drivers side and not the passengers so I had to get into there to fix it. I removed the passengers side license plate light fixture and found the linkage to the right side, pushed it hard to the right side with needle nose pliers and the door latch opened. After removing the rear door trim ( described in other posts here ) I had to adjust the two plastic clips ( luckily they weren't broken ) until both sides of the rear door opened at the same time. While I was in there I looked to see why the rear glass button was sticking in and figured it was dirty, but turns out the plastic push button "holder" was broken at the top. That made the button go in ****ed and would stick. If I held it tight to the back door and pushed the button it immediately sprang back. So I'll be shopping for either the plastic part or a whole assembly.

Just wanted to give back since I'm learning alot here on the site.


Gotta tell you, nice work. :thumbsup::thumbsup: