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Drivers Info Center: Diagnostic Mode


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September 10, 2011
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Montgomery County, Ohio
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2004 Mountaineer AWD
I've been trying to get my info center into the diagnostic mode to see the information like in this thread.

I've become very interested in the day my truck was built because I've owned it for 31k miles of it's 68k mile life. I haven't had a single problem and I have a bet about my truck being built on a wednesday.

When I press my Setup and Reset buttons at the same time, the only options I get are set up for zone and to calibrate the compass. I don't get any other options.

I've calibrated my compass a few times and it won't let me past that option.
I know I've been able to get into the further options and seeing the gauge sweep and so on and so forth. I can't seem to figure what I'm doing wrong and I've searched and found conflicting information on how to get into the "TEST" mode.

Any Help?

If it makes any kind of difference. I have an 04 Mountaineer AWD V6 Flex Fuel with DVD, Rear Air, Premium Sound, digital climate controls.