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Drivers Side auto-dimming mirror - help


June 24, 2021
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Saginaw, TX
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Due to Ford's impeccable build quality, it appears as if my 2020 Limited has the Auto Dimming Drivers Side Mirror glass installed (from either the ST or Platinum) but it is not hooked up. I do have an auto-dimming inside mirror which works correctly. Does anyone have information on how this mirror glass would wire in on the higher end models? I'd like to hook it up so both the inside and drivers side outside mirror will dim. I have wired in heated mirrors on a previous vehicle and most of the wiring was already in the vehicle. I expect the Explorer to be similar. I have not torn into the door or mirror housing yet and do not have access to a service manual to start looking at wiring diagrams, so I wanted to defer to the forums first to see if this path has been traveled before.

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According to this video, there is no wiring hookup required for these mirrors. It explains it at about the 4:25 minute mark. I don't know if that is just for that particular vehicle or not. Many articles I've read seem to suggest that a low voltage is required in order for the gel in the electrochromic mirror to work. Have you removed that glass to check for a place to plug in a connector?


I did not see any video attachment or link you were referencing. Since these are the heated signal mirrors already, i know there has to be wiring, but I have not found a tear down of the 2020 auto-dimming or regular mirrors to know what to expect. I have not removed the mirror or look at the backside of the glass yet, and I do not have any wiring diagrams to know if the Limited has the wires thru the door up to the mirror already. I have taken a few trips to the dealer to verify that the glass was the auto-dimming style since this is not an option on the Limited trim level. On my vehicle, there is a distinct line around the perimeter of the mirror and slightly yellow/gold hue in the middle. This exactly matches the mirrors on the ST and Platinum Explorers I have looked at. The other Limited and XLT models I have seen at the dealer did not have this line/hue. I didn't know if anyone added the auto-dimming mirror, I only saw one post about someone trying to disable it, and no pictures of followup after that. When I get my Explorer back from the dealer, I'll have to figure out how to take the mirrors apart and see what is actually back there. If there is anywhere the disassembly instructions might be hiding, I'd appreciate the information before I tear into it.

Sorry about that. Forgot the link.
I don't believe anyone has yet replaced one on the 6th gen although several have on the 5th gen. The video also refers to that border/outline around the mirror.


Thanks for the video, but I don't think that is too much help. That video shows how to glue a glass mirror over a cracked electrochromatic mirror while still 'keeping' the heating element, but not the electrochromatic dimming. The dimming mirrors function much like an LCD display which require electrical power to be applied to them, which causes the fluid inside to realign for a dimming effect. I am trying to determine how much of the wiring for the electrochromatic mirror exists in my 2020 Limited, and which wires I may need to run. It already has the glass, so I think the expensive part Ford already installed for me!

To the OP, just bring the Explorer into service and they will order the correct mirror for you. It'll be warranted as a misbuild.

Jus Crusin,
Thank you for the suggestion, but i'm trying to add the functionality of the auto-dimming side view mirror. Since the Platinum and ST trims had this mirror glass, I am just trying to find out how much of the wiring may already be in the car, and what I'll have to do to connect it to the proper signal. The fact that my car was misbuilt with it is a happy accident.

Any update on this Lobo?


Not currently, it's been at the dealer longer than I've had it! Taking the vehicle apart has been back burner to the other warranty issues I've been having. I have the car back for the foreseeable future so I can take the mirror housing apart and see what wires are there and what are missing. Do any members have access to information for Platinum/ST wiring diagrams that show how the AutoDimming side view mirror receives it's power signal from so I can compare to my Limited? Also if there is any information on how the mirror housing comes apart, that will save me some time as well.

My driver's side mirror became disconnected yesterday so here's a few pics for future reference.
Found a few small plastic pieces cracked off.
My vehicle is a 2021 Platinum.
I'm going to a nearby dealership for warranty service today.

Dealership ordered (5-7 days) the mirror assembly $475 plus $155 for installation - warranty specialists at the dealership told me Ford should approve this since there's no apparent impact damage to the glass or the mirror housing

Mirror arrived at dealership today ahead of schedule, service appointment is Sept 12

IMG_1007.JPG IMG_1012.JPG IMG_1011.JPG IMG_1010.JPG IMG_1009.JPG IMG_1008(1).JPG IMG_1006.JPG IMG_1013(1).JPG

Mirror glass (driver's side) was replaced by nearby local dealership today as a warranty repair, no charge to me.
fyi - Part number is MB5Z-17K707-G GLASS ASSY - RE

Also had the annual NYS vehicle inspection performed ($10). She's 12 days short of 1 year on the road with 8,504 miles

ford doesn't seem to run the same harness(es) for trim lines so to add something it would require some new harnesses and serious wiring... which is sad.