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drivers side door


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July 8, 2005
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98 XLT
Hey guys, I’ve been away for a while. My rents had the X during my school year and for most of the summer due to my mom’s crappy minivan. Well its mine again and its going to school so I’ve had some issues and done some things. I replaced the IAC again after learning form once before but this one just plain sucks. I also painted the grill flat black to match the bumpers. But anyway….

When you go to open the drivers side front door form the inside, the handle doesn’t grab anything. So you can’t get out. You have to roll down the window and release the door from the outside handle to get out. I took my door apart and I think I found the problem but I want to make sure I get it right because I want to do it myself instead of pay some guy at a shop for an hour of work that took him 5 minutes.
Here are the pictures with what I think I found.




When I pull the handle something isn’t working. So I think the metal rod going through that little hole is suppose to be pulled by a spring when you pull the handle. It’s not happening, so is my problem the actual handle? Is that the part I need to order? I can open the door from the outside so I figure it’s the handle because if it was the metal rod it would effect opening the door from both ways, right? The coiled spring in the back (of the handle, 2nd pic) has no budge in it. I thought when you pull the handle that pushes the metal rob which pulls the latch to free the door to be opened? well thats my newest small adventure. hope you guys can help!


I don't know the answer to your question but it you can't wait, I would suggest take the door panel off the other door and take a look at how it works and you will have your answer pretty quick there after and maybe how to best fix it. good luck.

bump im going to do that this weekend if no one confirms what i think the problem is or gives me a better explanation

Sounds like something is loose, I also would take the passenger door off and check linkages.