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Driver's window issues


March 19, 2009
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Benson, MN
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1999 XLT w/ 4.0 SOHC
About 2 months ago, right in the dead of winter here in Minnesota, the driver's window refused to go down correctly. When the down button is pushed the front edge of the window goes down, but the back will not follow:mad:. If you do manage to get it to go down evenly, it only goes down about 1/2 way and then will not go any further. When it comes back up the window does not always seat into the track.

Initially I thought that the regulator was the cause. But when I looked at an exploded view of the internal workings (I have not gotten a chance to take the interior panel off yet) I see that there is roller that mounts to the regulator. I don't hear any funny noises when the window does move, so I am assuming that it is not the window motor causing this issue. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

My drivers window does the same thing. If I press the down button, the front will go down about an inch, and then it will go down very slowly until about 5 or 6 inches down, then will be fine. It goes up fine.

If I pull the back of the glass down with the front, it works fine. I think there might be something caught in the track or a roller not working properly.

It is a pain because if I push the 'auto' down, it will only go down about an inch and then stop until I fix it.

I was able to get into the window this weekend and here is what I found: First off, there was zero lubricant on the upper track that the regulator runs in. Additionally, it was pretty dry at the pivot point of the regulator. A bit of silicone lube and we were running again. When I was in there I took a look at the regulator. It appears that at least one of the arms is bent a bit. Is that how it should be? In looking at the exploded view, it would appear that the regulator should be relatively flat. I suppose that it is possible that the regulator got bent at some point. I am a bit nervous about trying to straighten it in the door. I forsee visions of a bunch of little squares of glass where my windo used to be!