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DRL an interior light Electrical gremlins on my Sport trac...


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June 18, 2011
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'97 Sport
New to me vehicle blues….
Few Questions about Electrical gremlins on my Sport trac. The headlights are not auto on but they do come on whenever the vehicle is started… even if the switch is off, so I’m assuming they are daytime running lights. But if they are DRL’s, in the manual it says the tail lights do not turn on so make sure when it gets dark you turn the switch to on. BUT my tail lights do come on??? Also, When I shut the truck off they stay on for literally like 2-3 minutes before they shut off. Can this time be adjusted?or even better disabled? …just kinda worried with the colder weather coming, want to preserve battery life. Apparently there is a module that controls the DRL. I heard if you unplug the module it’ll mess with some warning lights but you can clip a wire going to the module? Or a fuse? Do I have to replace the module?

Also The other night I was sitting in the truck messing around with it and I noticed that the door lock switch was illuminated but not the window switches? I turned the key on and they all lit up….? is this wired with the DRL?

Interior lights/dash dimmer switch – Rolling it up and down…heard the little crackling sound & the lights flickered… New switch? Or is there a way to fix it?

One more… The rear interior light… Is it supposed to go on with the door opening? I reached back an the little switches work to turn on the map lights… Is there a off/door/on switch for it? maybe a bulb?

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When the truck is off- I think it's normal for the lock switch to be illuminated and not the window switches

Did the dimmer switch actually dim the lights or are you saying it just made a noise? Not dimming may need a new switch

The rear light is normal to come on when doors open and no it doesn't have its own little on/off switch

^thank you.

...but after further review I realized that I am a dumb f!!! ....I happened to notice the little switch on my rearview that says autolamp.... !

And I actually took the effort to open up my rear light and see that the bulb appears to be bad. I'll stop at O-zone and grab one. Hopefully it's just the bulb.

...if it is, this thread can can erased so no one sees it and thinks I'm an idiot! haha!

I love the auto lamp feature. But as a heads up, if it is a rainy day and/or foggy day it is usually not dark enough outside for the autolamp to turn the lights on, so you will need to turn them manually. Enjoy your 'Trac! I really like my '05 model. My teenage son wants it, but not sure I want to give it up to him.