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Drop on explorer/ranger?


April 7, 2006
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hills grove, pa
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my wife just got a huge bonus at work, we decide it was time to get a newerish truck. I got a excellent deal on a 01 ranger edge 4x4 3.0 extended cab.

Now I know alot of guys over here have lowered there awd explorer/mountys...I read about flippin the tbar keys a million times, but i for one am not a fan of the torsion bar suspension set up. But whats the most drop without a harsh ride?

Im lookin for a 4/5" drop. The rear is easier on rangers just do a shackle flip theres a 5" drop. But i want it level, maybe even a little raked out.

I should stat i was lookin for a 2wd ranger, this one was just way way cheaper then most in the area.

How can i get a 4" drop in the front?

i think 3 in is the max you can drop the 4x4 torsion front ends. you would just crank your torsion bars down in the front and put blocks on the rear

not sure..but im assuming the newer 4x4 ranger would be srprung over axles and blocks would not work in the rear to lower. however a SUA conversion would work

Go over to rangerpowersports.com

they probably have a better resource for lowering the rangers. I found a thread but it didn't mention the 4x4's, but it's about the equivalent of Explorer Forum, just for rangers.

Good luck