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Drop Pitman Arm for 2" Lift?


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July 26, 2008
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Denham Springs, LA
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1994 Ranger STX SC
I'm about to replace the steering box on my Explorer. I have a 2" spring lift and I'm curious whether I should go ahead and swap the pitman arm while I have everything apart. I know the standard drop arms don't actually fit the kits with which they're provided, so I'm curious whether I should get a drop arm while I'm doing this.

Any thoughts?

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I am considering the same thing. I have 2.5" coils, and I know the pitman arm for 4" lift is 2.5". I was thinking of using that. I haven't done anything about it yet. The steering is livable as it is.
But it makes sense. I don't understand how the drop arm for a 4" lift is 2.5" and the 6" lift is 4". that makes no sense to me at all.
Another route I'm considering is to use the power steering rack from a 3rd gen. I was looking at one I took off to replace. I held it up to my truck and I think it will go on pretty easily. the drop arm is way easier though.
But before i tackle any of it, I must get gears and lockers. That's next cause I'm going to need tires before next season and I'm getting 33s.

I went thru all this drop pitman arm junk a year or two ago with my truck. :(

Yes it's true the drop arm specs don't exactly measure up.
Get the FA400 - you'll be happy!

My truck is lifted about 5", and I had to use the FA600 "6 to 8 in. lift" arm to get rid of the bumpsteer. It drives like a stocker now!

You dont need it. I have wheeled and driven my Explorer with a 2" suspension lift for about 8 years now and I have never seen a need for a dropped pitman.

Looking again, my steering is almost perfectly straight. Not like some of the crazy geometries I've seen on this board (no offense intended.)
I'm going to pass, as it seems my junk is still good enough. I wasn't getting much bump steer, but still wanted to consider it if needed. The only way I should need one is if the steering is supposed to angle downward as it moves toward the pitman arm.

Unless you're running drop brackets on your 2" lift, you shouldn't need the arm.