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drop pitman arm


November 21, 2015
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1992 Explorer
So I went and bought a rough country 4 inch lift for a ranger knowing that I'd be doing a SOA in the rear. Well everything turned out great, except for one thing. The pitman arm. The one that came in the kit rear f150/bronco on the side so I was skeptical. But being just ready to wheel I slapped it on and rolled down the road. I've now got play in my steering. And a pretty good amount of it. The Putman arm fit snug onto the steering box but I think I'm getting play where the steering linkage connects to it. Any one else have the problem or know which pitman arm I should get? Anything helps. Thanks guys.

F150 should use the same arm and steering box..

For 4" lift typically a FA400 drop arm is used.

For 5.5-6" a FA600 is used

Ok. I'll have to get a precise measurement of it tonight. Like I said I'm almost positive that the steering linkage is moving in the pitman arm hole.

You sure you cranked it down nice and tight..its tapped so shouldn't wobble