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Dropping fuel tank advice


September 23, 2007
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98 XLT
Error code 455 forces me to drop the fuel tank and inspect all hoses along the rail. I'll be dropping the tank during my next week off from work. Any and all advice would be appreciated. 98 4.0 SOHC 140,000 miles. Should I plan on changing the fuel pump while I'm there? Other items to be looked at or replaced? Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The pump would be a good idea to replace. Dropping the pan is a no brainer, just try not to drop it while it has a lot of gas or else you'll be wrestling a gorilla. The spring lock connections require a set of fuel disconnect tool so make sure you have this beforehand.

I appreciate the advice, especially about the tool for the fuel lines! A new pump it is! I will run the fuel low so I don't have as much weight to mess with. Thanks!