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drove home fine now no gears at all


January 22, 2015
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1996 xlt 4.0 ohv 4wd
I cant seem to find any wear what is going on. for the past week when i back out of my driveway and shift from reverse to drive it would take a few seconds before i would feel the car 'jerk' forwarded. on my way home from work yesterday the car was driving fine, then about 1/2 way it kinda spit and sputtered and revved a bit hi. let off the gas a little and it went away. did this 2 more times a bit worse the last time. drove home about 3 miles competently fine. now i have no forward or reverse gears at all. when i first shift the car from park to reverse or drive i feel the car "jerk" like it is going into gear but when i step of the gas nothing. if i rev it up to 4,500 or so the car will start to move a bit. i dropped the pan and put in a few filter and fluid as it was dark and smelled burnt. didn't see anything in the bottom of the pan. the only other info i have is that when in park or neutral the engine sounds a bit wired and has a vibration to it it didn't have before.

96 xlt 4x4 4.0 ohv.

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Whatever the problem is it's going to require the removal and a complete dismantle of the transmission. You need to be ready to rebuild or replace this transmission.

It's something like a light bulb one minute it works and then the next minute it don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bob T

I just dont get why I drove it fine then it just stopped but you are right I'm going to have to pull it this is what is sounds like now.


I hear my customer say "it was fine yesterday" all the time, even I have said that.

Will it roll in park?

All that noise, it could be the transfer case too.

If park holds, the transfer case, axles and rear diff is NOT the reason for it not moving.

So funny thing I got it to "drive" I got it to roll down a bit of a hill in the yard to try and move it. It started slow and picked up speed so I gave it gas and it started to go down the road it was running like crap put was driving got to about 35 mph. Parked it and now nothing. It seem like it just can't start driving on it own but will if it has a rolling start. It will hold its self in park as well

Anyone with an idea of wear to start?

Anyone with an idea of wear to start?

Unfortunately it sounds like the first thing to do is to pull it out and tear it down to find out what broke. Pump, input sprag, are two things that come to mind that can cause this.