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DSpease15's 1998 Ford Explorer XLT

I am a new member on here but I have owned my explorer for almost a year and I really love it! When I first got it, it had 119,x.. miles and now has 131,x.. miles, due to driving on highway all the time.

I have a lot of plans to make it a bad ass explorer. Looking at other Explorers on here makes me jealous because it makes me to want to get it done already. Here are some of the photos of my Explorer.

This is my favorite picture

This is mine and my buddy's 1997 Chevrolet Silverado

These pictures were just taken now. Sorry for my Explorer being dirty ;) I will post more pictures after I give her a nice bath.





After a couple of months of having the explorer, I bought an westin safari light bar and I took off the pin stripes on both sides. I was going to buy me off roading lights, nerf bars, roof rack, but when I got back in college, time and money has put me on hold :( My parents bought me an 1997 Ford Explorer XLT as an parts truck just for $300 for Christmas! I am planning to get leather seats, air dam w/ fog lights, tailgate, taillight (you have to have 1997 taillights if you want the hatch to fit on my 1998 Explorer), rear carpet, wheels, and maybe the center console taken out of 1997 Explorer onto my 1998 Explorer.

I have a question. I know I'm going to need 1997 Explorer's rear bumper and tail lights and put it on my 1998 Explorer in order for the 1997 Explorer's hatch to fit. I understand that I need the 1997 explorers rear bumper in order to put the license plate on it. But the rear bumper on 1997 Explorer is very rusted and is in a bad condition. I am very tight on money right now and I am trying to think of different ways to install the license plate on the the 1997 Explorers tailgate. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!


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nice x u got there daniel

here is pics of my sport daniel but they r hella old i need to get new ones here is link and tell me what u think.


do u got aim or yahoo

Like it, Daniel- nice and simple. The front bar sets it off, but it looks classy!

Linking my tails thread, in case someone runs across yours in a search. Pics of both tails on both hatch designs... CLICK ME

what u think of my x daniel

thnx daniel