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DTC 0715 - Turbine Speed Sensor gone bad


February 13, 2007
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'97 Explorer 4.0 SOHC
Could anyone tell me what problems can appear by driving with the TSS sensor gone bad?

I have not had a chance to diagnose if the resistance is within specifications because I couldn't find the Transmission External Harness Connector.

Even if it isn't within specs it is my understanding that in order to change this sensor I have to take the tranny out which I am reluctant to do.

I have tried to find it's connector on the tranny but I think it's to well hidden. Could you explain to me where is this connector and if it is a connector or just wires.

Thank you.

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I think the sensor is closer to the "top" but a few inches behind the bellhousing -- I think on the driver's side. Let me see if i can find my ATSG manual.

EDIT-- sorry I can't find the manual right now (so tired, sleepy). I'm sure Glacier, Brooklyn, or some one else will chime in.

The turbine speed sensor is located INSIDE the tranny on the center support. I'll find you the pin outs on the main trans connector for it.

The harness connector is the main umbilical on the side of the transmission.

Here is a picture from Glacier991's photo gallery:

Thank you all for your answers.

I have the pinouts since I took the time to download the manuals from fordcds.com.

I do not know where the connectors are. I think I found the transmission connector under the hood near the firewall (at least it looks to be big enough). What happens if I disconnect it? Will the PCM start throwing DTC all over the place?

I got under the car to try to find the TSS sensor connector but besides the fact it is a tight place and it's kind of difficult to get my hands behind the tranny I could not find a connector. Is it possible to disconnect it (assuming it's there) without taking anything out? Just so that I don't try in vain.

And to get back to the first question: what happens if I drive it like this? Besides a 2-3 flare the car feels ok and I think the sensor has gone a couple of years ago and the Ford dealership told my father in law that the MIL that has been on eversince is of no concern and not to bother with it.

I got the car because he did no like it anymore and started to take care of it myself. After a few problems of my own with this dealer (the only one available) I am quite certain they are a bunch of incompetents and I am better of taking care of the problems myself.

P0715 is the only DTC that my ELM327 scantool sees, but I am not sure if there are other non-MIL DTC's because I have been unable to access all continuous memory DTC.

Thanks again.

As previously stated in the link in post # 3, it is only a sensor for feedback to the PCM. Since there are other inputs, the PCM compensates for the lack of a signal. Check the harness on the transmission, or the main PCM harness. Your Ford CD should explain which color codes, and pin numbers those 2 wires are.