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Dual exhaust 97 SOHC (gotta brag)


June 19, 1999
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Las Vegas, NV.
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'97 XLT Sport SOHC
Hey all, I have to brag. I put dual exhaust on my 97 SOHC and it sounds great. One could use a Flowmaster 524553 (2.25" Dual in/ Dual out). I went with 2 single mufflers side by side. I cut off the stock muffler right before the flanges, slipped on a pair of Maremont mufflers for $40 at JC Whitney www.jcwhitney.com/item.jhtml?ITEMID=3549 I then took it down to the local muffler shop and had them run dual 2.25" out the back with one on either side for $100. I then put on a pair of cheap chrome tips from Advance Auto for $13 and Viola. Dual exhaust for $153. The mufflers are real small so they fit nicely side by side. I think that Dual 2.25" is a bit much for the V6 (I lost a little on the low end power). But with the exhaust, I also put on an electric fan slapped on the radiator, and picked up a total of 3 mpg (exactly) and about 10-15 hp. I plan to put some pics up of the exhaust sometime. Hope this helps all of those horsepower challenged. Pat