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Dual Exhaust on a 98 V8


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January 30, 2000
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98 XLT V8
hey i was wondering if any of u guys knew about puttin a dual exhaust on a 98 V8 xlt. i already went to one shop and the guy said two neew pipes and mufflers and bent and everything would go for around 400. anyone know if thats too expensive and wether it will look good

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Thats a little on the steep side. Both shops I have worked for charged between $200 and $250 for duals.

really. 250. that sounds pretty sweet. so that includes new mufflers..or whatever.. also what about on the other side where the frame isnt notched for the exhaust. am i gonna have problems with the leafsprings pinching the pipe ?

$400??? good god! I got a flowmaster 50 with duals for $275 here.. its worth up to $350 I'd say, but $400 seems sort of stretch, I'd make sure its REAAALLY what you wanna do before you fork over that much cash. overall, it sounds good, runs better and looks good on the vehicleI'm very happy with mine and would recommend duals at any rate, but just do some investigation to make sure you get exactly what you want, you hafta make syure you're satisfied for that kind of money.

if you have a high "fidelity" sound system on the computer, you can get what I think is a pretty accurate before and after of my exhaust on the links below:



good luck :)

Just curious..is this a true dual exhaust, or is it duals from the cat back only. I think if it's true dual exhaust, it's a pretty good price as long as it has two cats or else it would be illegal, at least here in Texas. And you still have to be careful because in some states it's even illegal to modify anythink in the exhaust system (unless it's EPA approved) because of emmissions. I know, I had an 83 Mustang GT that I duel exhaust from the headers and I used to have a hell of a time trying to get that thing inspected every year (had to pay extra, if you know what I mean).

If it's from the cats back, then it definetely is not a good price. BTW, has anybody ever installed a true dual exhaust system on the new SOCH V6s..how was it and how much did it cost? Did you see any noticable improvement in power and/or economy?


T-bone got duals for his XLT V8. I'll look for his website, he has very detailed pictures of his install. I think he said he paid anywhere from $400-500 bucks. Not sure thought.

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that explorer is awesome. thats exactly what i want mine to look like. yes i do want two cats.. will i have a problem with passing emissions ?

Hey, that looks aswesome on T-Bone's dual exhaust Explorer! Can it also be done on a SOHC V6?!

if you have a v8.. you should already have 2 cats and dual exhaust entering the muffler on stock.. you should have a single out. to get dual all you should have to do is replace from the muffler back.. this is what I did..