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dual exhaust


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April 27, 2001
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Im am considering exhaust options...either flow force 2 cat back, dyno max kit or, if i want to go top quality,a Borla kit. If i go with borla im assuming it'll cost around 450-500 to get installed. At that price i could do headers and have a custom true dual installed with Flows?.. no?
What do you all think about that and which way would you go?

I see that brian green has dual on his X, as per the picture on the explorer4x4.com site, is it true dual?..
Does anyone have any tips, recomendations or problems with going with the dual?

I doubt it's true dual, crawl under the explorer and take a look, it would be pretty darn tricky to do the driver side one, the gas tank and driveshaft get in the way. I have a borla and love it, course mine was 250 and I did the install myself, just a cat-back is super easy to install, and just fyi on the headders, you can get em for like 250, but the install IF the place will even touch it will easily run you 300 or more, the passenger side is apparently no fun (and looks like no fun)

I'm suggesting against getting a dual exhaust. Not enough back pressure.

Do a search on exhaust with my user name. I've made a lot of comments on exhausts, including one very descriptive thread on how the exhaust system works and why you won't want a true dual exhaust.

As always, my suggestion is go with the Borla.