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Dual Fog & Driving Light ?

I've recently recieved my new Hella Optilux Fog & Driving lights. First off I've already got a set wired up the problem is they Su*k so I want to install the news ones there. They actually look identicial.
The question arises can I just run the power wires together White & Red and the Ground. I don't want to run another set of wires. I know that I'll only have On & Off function. I wont be able to run Fog or Driving. Only Fog & Driving at the same time. That I'm Ok with.

The wiring I know is from a set of Hellas I ran before. So there not some cheap wire and are hooked up properly with relays & fuses. Would running them together cause them to heat up to much? Cause excessive wear? I know they would be much brighter independently but would should be ok with both ON?

Second if you look at the picture the lights would be kind of close together but should I have them...
since they are Dual Lights

( fog driving ) ( driving fog )


( driving fog ) ( fog driving )


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So the wiring was originally for 2 lamps and you want to run 4?

Need to know the total wattage of the old lamps vs the total wattage of those you want to run. Also what is the amperage rating of the relay and what fuse is installed?

And the fogs should be outboard of the driving lamps.

I was running a pair of Pilot lights (thought they where hellas but was wrong), then some cheap O's.

The Hella Optilux are 1 pair of lights that are Dual. I don't want to have to run another switch. I'm happy with the 1 switch and have Fog & Driving.

I believe the Pilots where 55Watt. I believe the Hellas are 55 watts also.


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I would not use a dual lamp 55 W Pilot setup to run 4 55 W Hellas.

I just looked and found that the wiring, fuses and relay is actually from my Hella 550's. When my installer installed my 3 sets of Hellas I had an few extra sets of wiring. Thats what he used to rewire my fogs with. The previous picture is the set I have to install.

Thanks for all the help Alex. The present set I have running now are Cheap Dual fog & driving lights but got wet, corroded, and dont throw any light.

sorry this post has no solution to your answer but i just couldnt help notice your licesnse plate; its like persian or arabic. where u from?

That's what those little words under the avatar are for :p

I guess the question that I have is what would happen if I ran the Hella Dual Lights wired together.

Would they just burn up fast or would they just not be as powerful as separate?

y3kbuddy - Yes, I presently live & work in Saudi Arabia.

I think the answer to both your questions is "probably".
Depending on the size of the wires and the length they might cause a voltage drop going from 55 to 110 watts.
Running them both in that small of housing will, IMO , deffinetly reduce the lifespan of the bulbs. How short, you ask? I dont know, try it and see. I really dont think you'll notice much difference w/one wire or two.
Go for it.....

Thats about what I figured just thought I would save my self a wiring job.

Thank for all the help.

By the time I sold Splat I could wire up a new relayed circuit in about 20 minutes :D

It takes about 35 minutes in the VW.