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Dual Mufflers without X/H pipe


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September 23, 2003
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1999 Ford Explorer Sport
What happens if you run dual mufflers (4.0 SOHC) without a H or X pipe? What kind of gains/loss would there be over just one muffler?

Also, whats the pros/cons of dumping vs. runnng pipes to the rear?

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If you lose the Y-pipe and the two cats, you will pick up about 8 H.P. you will still need to run the front sensors

ehhh i really wanna keep the cats to be honest. What if I just stuck 2 mufflers when it comes right off the cat? (Right now I have a single muffler, Dual in dual out)

Better flow with the better rear half. The dumps like any shortened tailpipe, will be a lot louder than a pipe that ends at the rear bumper. Good luck,

so whats the point of the X/H pipe? why do people do it on duals?

suscribing to this...if you do this you need to post sound clips because i have thought of doing this on my SOHCas an alternative to say a 50 series dual inlet

You are talking about true duals, correct?
Might be great for a 2wd or somebody looking for more high end, but I would think with that HP gain you might see a loss in low end torque.

The X and H pipers are only needed on very high HP motors and then only if you want to get every HP possible from the motor.

I read that site and it stated that the X pipes are very effective if done right. So does this mean you cant just stick a X pipe in any old place? It says it can cause the pistons to be sucked down faster than they would on its own causing more HP and torque. On my 210, 240 whatever is stock SOHC engine, should I worry about an X pipe?

hmmm maybe I can cut out my 50 series muffler and install 2 super 40 series mufflers offcenter and mounted like so || instead of flat. This way I dont have to get all new pipping done and stuff. What do you think it will sound like? Do you thinK i will lose a lot of power?

Been there, done that

I actually am running dual Flowmaster 40's dumpin right out of the cats and I LOVE it. You get an really throaty sound, along with a noticable gain in highend power. You do lose some low end, but in my opinion its worth it. Enjoy

No x pipe I take it? V6 or V8?