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For Sale Dual Piston Brake Conversion Parts for 1st Gen Explorer

I've had these parts sitting on the shelf for a few years in anticipation of one day doing the upgraded brake conversion to my Explorer but now that I've done the 44 outers on 1 of my Explorers I don't think I would ever use this stuff so it is up for sale.

What is this conversion you might ask? Here is a good thread on it: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums...-97-ranger-brake-swap-info-parts-list.325392/

I am selling a pair of very nice knuckles with the bolt on caliper brackets and the dual piston calipers. I will include the ABS sensors however the driver side wire was cut and I do not know if they work or not.1 of the calipers will need a new hardware kit since 1 of the slide pins is missing. I only have 1 side used brake pads so if you need them for a core then you are probably out of luck. I also have 1 rotor dust shield I can include if wanted but it is pretty beat up and will need some work to straighten it out. The ball joints are used and are ready to go right back in if you wanted to cut a corner with the cost and install.

ALL SOLD!!!!!!!