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dual shocks


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March 19, 2010
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glendale arizona
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1991 xlt 4.0l 4x4
would dual shocks on the front of the explorer be overkill with only a 2 inch coil-spring lift (not spacers). Was thinkings rs5000 or skyjacker hydro 7000 shocks. I like the look of the dual shocks and my rear end still likes to walk out from under me on the bumpy roads when i push the gas to hard :rolleyes: so which of these shocks are better for the 4 door explorer offroad.

Any opinions helpfull, thanks

Well, I don't know about overkill for your lift height, but I modified my skyjacker 6" kit by adding James duff upper coil seat buckets, and fabricating the lower mounts. I then called up JD, and got their 70/30 valved nice and soft shocks. It made my X feel waaaaaaayyyy better. More stable and just a touch more supple.