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dual straight pipes


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June 9, 2003
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'92 Sport
I was wondering if anyone had or thought about a dual straight pipe setup. I was thinking about removing the muffler and extending the pipe back ..then Y ing it off and running dual's out the back. I'm not 2 worried about noise, just dotn want it to sound ricey. That is what i'm worried about. Also i thought that if i didnt like the sound i could cut the pipe after the cat and section in a glasspack. My quesion is about sound. Anyone know how that would sound? If backpressure is an issure i can stick my 50 series right after the cat ...would it be noticibly louder with just the dual exit with the same muffler?

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It is gonna sound like crap with or without a glasspack, those things suck. It may not be too bad at idle but as soon as the gas pedal is pushed then it is gonna sound terrible.

I almost ran a dual-exit straight pipe setup but the shop wouldn't do it because of where the brake lines were, and I didn't want to go through the hassle of switching things up. But instead I ran a single exit straight pipe out my old '93. It was pretty loud with a 2 1/5" pipe. But I put a split 3" tip on it which gave it more of a rumble. It doesn't sound bad, takes time to get use to right away, but definately sounded better than my brother's Rodeo with a 2" straight pipe and a 2.?L V6.

I agree with GaSouthern...straight pipes will won't sound that good. Why not one of the flowmaster muffles. I've heard sound clips of a few of them and they sound pretty good...even on a V6OHV.


Screw that, save yourself some money and just go with straight pipes, if you decide you don't like it go with a Flowmaster. I wouldn't do glass pack though. I liked the sound...definately go with dual if you can get it. Even if you don't like the sound, it's only a small section of pipe that needs to be pulled out for a muffler.

You may save some money but I can gurantee you that people will laugh at how crappy it sounds when the RPMs are anything over 1500.

The V6 sounds like crap with any sort of open exhaust system. Since Magnaflow flows like a straight pipe, I had 2 resonators on mine and it sounded wonderful.

ok thanks for the replies guys , I might just end up putting 2.25 " or 2.5" duals after my flowmaster 50 with 3" tips. I've heard a couple of dodges with v8's and straight pipes.. the dual setups dont sound bad but the single exit sounds awfull. I would imagine a V6 wont sound that great either then. Thanks guys